Is This The World’s First Mid Century Modern Love Song?

A love song about mid century modern design?  Is this a musical first? Do we care?

Broadway Antique Market (BAM!), one of Chicago’s largest retailer of vintage furniture and artifacts, has released “I’m All In Love With Vintage”– a music video homage to a dozen+ Mid Century Modern Designers such as Charles & Ray Eames, Eero Saarinen, Russel Wright, Paul McCobb, Thonet, Nogucci, blah, blah. Rather a laundry list of notables, but still somewhat cleverly done.

Says song lyricist Danny Alias, “We wanted to tell a simple story that would speak to today’s young, vintage buying client, to take them on a retro dream, a mid mod fantasy.  Not sure we succeeded, but it was crazy, campy fun.”

Actor and cabaret artist Jordan Phelps delivers some Broadway-bound vocals to inspire this retail flashback. I must credit Debbie VanLeeuwen-Bellingham of the Herald News with this spot on review: “Watching Jordan Phelps is like listening to Josh Groban while watching Fred Astaire.”

While standing in a vast showroom of vintage modern furniture, Jordan Phelps captures a curious timelessness as he contemplates good design, and sings– “This is yesterday’s future… today!”

Works for me… DSC


(Read Only If You Liked The Video, Otherwise Save Your Time With The Sordid Details)

Jordan Phelps (Recording Artist) is a Jeff Award nominated singer, actor and cabaret performer. Contact:

Danny Alias (Lyricist/Video Writer/Director) has been in the “business of showing” since the early 1980s. As co-founder of Persona Records, Chicago’s earliest House Music label, he helped launch the careers of Frankie Knuckles, Jamie Principle and countless others artists, co-producing 3 of the top 25 House records of all time. In 2015 his cult single “Civil Defense: Reworks” was re-released by French savant Ivan Smagghe’s KILL THE DJ label, the pop duo GET A ROOM, and more British bootlegs than he cares to admit. Contact:

Mark Contorno (Composer) has been creating music and theatre for over 40 years, writing, directing and living his art. Among current projects: 2 Tommy Jameson plays, “Princess Pig Face” and “Murderous Innocent,” plus a production of his long lost classic, “The Harlequin.” Contact:

BAM! Chicago Magazine tagged Broadway Antique Market “the gold standard for modern design.” Winner Best Antiques Store- TimeOut Chicago, Reader, New City, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magazine, Chicago Social.

BAM: “Recycling 1950 Since 1990.”


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